What I want to do today is give you, as a candidate, some advice on working with recruiters from a recruitment agency. I would like you to make the most of working with a recruitment consultant, after all, these are often people who will have knowledge of jobs on the […]

Episode 65: How to get the best from your recruitment ...

  This week on The Career Ace ┬áPodcast I am discussing whether we should pay interns. What do you think? What happens in your country? Find out how we can work together.  

Episode 63: Should interns be paid?

Do people think you are too young to be able to do your job? In Episode 62 of The Career Ace podcast we speculate whether it is an issue of youthful good looks, or your self confidence. Just recently I have had a few clients come to me and express […]

Episode 62: Help! People think I’m too young to do ...

Imagine, you’ve handed your resignation letter to your current employer and now they’ve made you an offer to pursued you to stay. Should you accept it or reject it? For useful tips and cheat sheets to help you develop your career, visit our Resources page and register for free membership. […]

Episode 61: The counter offer: accept or reject?

Today I’m talking about your resignation letter. It’s a topic that comes up so many times when I’m consulting with people about their careers. In order to start your wonderful new job, your current employers need to know that you are leaving, so you have to write them a formal […]

Episode 60: How to write the BEST resignation letter

The time to really negotiate is at the point when the company makes you an offer.If you are at this stage, you are so close to getting the job you want that you should be hopping about with excitement and joy. It’s this abundance of positivity that I’d like you […]

Episode 59: Negotiate your salary, part 4: do it like ...

This episode from thecareerace.com is all about the power shift in salary negotiations. The signs you should be looking out for to let you know when the power in the process is starting to shift. In particular when it is starting to go against you. Check out our FREE cheat […]

Episode 58: Negotiate your salary, part 3: Warning! Signs of ...

If everything is going swimmingly in the interview process then by the time you get the job offer you have a great deal of power to influence the outcome in a positive way, possibly more than you realise. Check out our FREE cheat sheet

Episode 57: Negotiate your salary, part 2: You have power