Episode 62: Help! People think I’m too young to do my job

Do people think you are too young to be able to do your job?

In Episode 62 of The Career Ace podcast we speculate whether it is an issue of youthful good looks, or your self confidence.

Just recently I have had a few clients come to me and express the opinion that they look too young to be doing their job.

They have all been professional people, and it may surprise you that not one of them were career starters by which I mean they weren’t people who have just left school or college or university and were starting their professional life, all of them had been doing the job for a least a couple of years, in one case they were already at board level but the common denominator was that they felt their youthful good looks were still holding them back.

As far as my anecdotal experience tells me, the problem exists pretty much equally across genders.

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