A little bit of sales training can go a long way towards improving your business and career. In this post I want to look at why you should be raising your expectations of yourself, and how you should set those expectations. Let’s start with a quote attributed to the […]

Episode 38: Sales Methods pt 2 – Raising Expectations

  What I want to discuss is the one characteristic you will find in all successful people, let alone successful sales people: a positive mindset. I especially want to look at why a positive mindset leads to success, and how you can train your mind to be positive. So, here’s […]

Episode 37: Sales Methods pt 1 – The Power of ...

  Is the idea of closing a sale a bit daunting for you? Perhaps thinking of it like this will help? Closing a sale is just asking someone to do something for you, and you for them. It’s something that you do every day of your life without even thinking […]

Episode 36: Cross-Selling pt 5 – Closing the Sale

  This is the continuation of the series which teaches you how to cross sell your company’s products and in so doing boost your own career. I want to look specifically at four common objections your customers might have and how you can overcome them: ‘I need to consult with […]

Episode 35: Cross-Selling pt 4 – 4 Common Objections

  Deciding which direction you are going to go in your career is often tough. I’m going to give you eight things that you can do for yourself to discover your direction. I’d like to start by saying that if you’re just starting out in your work life, don’t worry […]

Episode 31: 8 Things You Can Do to Discover Your ...

  This is the third part of my series on cross selling, which can do so much to boost your career. Today I want to discuss how to handle objections, something that many people are anxious about. You shouldn’t worry about objections,think of it as clients having questions about your […]

Episode 30: Cross-Selling pt 3 – Handling Objections

  You need to prepare before you start you job search. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “by failing to prepare , you are preparing to fail .” These are my seven key actions which prepare you to succeed in your job search: Know what you want: This may seem obvious, but […]

Episode 29: Seven Key Actions to Take before You Start ...

  I am always shocked to find out how few people use the old fashioned method of picking up the telephone when they’re looking for a new job. As a recruiter I rarely get a spontaneous telephone call from candidates, but when I do it always makes a huge difference. […]

Episode 28: Why You Should Use the Telephone to Find ...

  There are definitely occasions where you will want to use a recruitment agency to supplement your job search. I want to take a look at how you can get the attention of a recruitment agency, focussing on how you can make them inclined to work with you and help […]

Episode 26: Four Tips to Get the Attention of a ...