If you are looking for a new job and want to know how to negotiate the best salary package, then this podcast will give you the confidence to go for it. Achieve the best salary package you can, enjoy your new job and accelerate your career. Check out our FREE […]

Episode 56: Negotiate your salary, part 1

What are you looking to achieve with your questions? In my experience, you want your questions to accomplish 4 things: Tell you about company and all that working for them entails, like culture, team fit, ethics etc to aid your decision making. Highlight your skills, knowledge and experience. Demonstrate your […]

Episode 55: Four reasons why you need to ask questions ...

Not everybody knows what they should prepare for when going to an interview. If you prepare for these questions then you will feel more confident, perform at a high level and ace your interview. If you make small mistakes they will be forgiven. Strengths and weaknesses I would advise that […]

Episode 54: Eleven questions you should prepare for before you ...

  What you may regard as weird and wonderful interview questions are almost an inevitable part of the interview process these days. They occur at all levels of your career and it is wise to think about them when you are preparing for your interview. What sort of question  am […]

Episode 53: Five wacky interview questions and how to answer ...

  During your interview, you are inevitably going to be asked about your weaknesses. It’s unlikely that you will be asked straight out, but you should expect the question to come in some form or other. The first thing to remember when you’re asked this question is that the interviewers […]

Episode 52: Talking Interviews – the Weakness Question

  Let’s take a look at two different types of group interviews that you might experience during the course of your graduate applications. One of these is the group interview, where you are with a number of your fellow candidates; the other is the panel interview, where you are interviewed […]

Episode 51: Talking Interviews – the Group Interview

  What are the key things to do to make your face-to-face interview successful? Do your research: Before you walk in the door you should know as much about the company as possible. That means going to their website and looking at their About Us section, as well as their […]

Episode 50: Talking Interviews – the Face-to-Face Interview

So you’ve got a telephone interview. Hurrah! Now what do you do? Key points: Interviews are a two-way discussion Arrange a time that is convenient for you Have a professional message on the telephone number you have given the company Prepare thoroughly Review your CV and have it in front […]

Episode 49: Talking Interviews – the Telephone Interview

  What irritates recruiters? I am going to give you a few pointers, so you can make sure you have a positive reaction from recruiters. Remember that recruiters are often time poor and therefore will only scan your application documents very quickly, so you have to make a positive impact […]

Episode 48: 8 Deadly Sins of Applying for a Job